POWEЯ – a Novelette


When the power is suddenly yours, sometimes, you can go too far…

Maude Caulkin finds out the hard way that if you’re poor and female in
Victorian London, you are powerless.
After continued beatings from her stepfather, she takes steps to escape his
fists, starvation, and working for a pittance. But she finds herself facing
even worse. Hired by Ned Hicklin, a prolific photographer and publisher of
dirty books, he soon introduces her to one of his customers: the sadistic
Charles Courtney-Duff.
After a devastating encounter with him, she turns the tables, and Courtney-
Duff finds himself in her power.
Maude has learned a lot from the freak shows she loves to frequent. But
sometimes, you can go too far…


Published By Crystal Lake Publishing