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Inspiration for Belle Vue – 3: Satanic Orgies

Any mention of satanic orgies makes most people’s ears prick up. And so it was with mine. I heard about the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe where such practices had taken place and duly paid a visit. The caves, excavated between 1748 and 1752 for Sir Francis Dashwood, were used as a meeting place for his notorious Hellfire […]

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Inspiration for Belle Vue – 2: Murder at the Asylum

Intrigued by the nearby apartments that had been converted from the old Leavesden Asylum, I researched to find out about its history. What I hadn’t expected was that a murder had taken place there in 1899 and reading about it gave me an idea… Mary Ansell was found guilty of poisoning her sister Caroline who […]

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Inspiration for Belle Vue – 1: the Asylum

Writers are often advised ‘write what you know’ but given Belle Vue is about murder, satanic orgies and mistreatment in Victorian lunatic asylums I am not putting my hand up to any of these! However I was inspired to write about each aspect from visiting and reading about the three, the connections between them and from there my imagination took over… […]

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